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Eight million stories out there in the naked , but I just wanna’ climb to your top…
I said: “Eight million stories out there in the naked , but I just wanna’ climb to your top…”

Eight million folks-- with their own strides and strokes--striving to play the game and not be the joke--and I ain't to be played so I gotsta’ ‘stay woke’ 
….and I won’t stop til’ I reach your top…

So I’m drinking in the full sight of you and ordering a tall, dark cup of your smoothness.
Savvy like a true player/seeing through me like a soothsayer...AND with just a hint of crudeness, I’m like :“I just want to ooze and infuse within his juices”
Now the truth is/ I’m kinda’ new to this/ but if we gon’ do this/ then let’s really DO this!
I’ve wasted time,… even wasted rhymes that I don’t have now in my aged prime,
waiting for boys to be men that I should have ignored. 
Falling for the same, crazy lines/ despite the same, crazy signs/ 'bout to make me crazy in the mind/......and that I can NOT afford.
Stayed too long in cramped duplexes—swapping my sexiness with exes & fighting their Napoleon complexes, so I gave my SHORT notice------>and I stepped away from it all.
Now I’m looking for love under new management, moving on up where my view is deliciously tall! 
Six foot and two inches tall, you may not be the biggest structure on the block….
But at six foot and two inches tall, brutha’ you have my full attention on lock…..
Six foot and two inches tall gives a girl a lot of view to take in….
Six foot and two inches tall gives a girl a lot of space to break in!
It’s not that short men ain’t sexy because some of them are, I won’t deny.
But there’s just something about a ‘roomy’ brutha’ who can strrrrrretch it out under the covers that makes ME wanna’ roll back my eyes/ Lift up my thighs/ eeee--LONGate my sighs/crescendo my cries/ channel 
my inner plastic woman so I can meet ‘em up there in those brown-eyed *skies*.
….Ordinarily I’d take the time to get to know you a lot better,
Do picnics with me in my winter-white and you in your 'Cosby sweater'.
We’d take in jazz concerts and the theater, spoken word spots and late night coffee
Later on we’re back at my house for slow groove music and kissing softly.
And maybe we’ll do ALL of that... but right now as urgent as a red-light
I’mma need to do something about this urge-to-fuck-you-straight-through-my-bed tonight…..
Want you to take me from behind, all up against the glass plane wall overlooking the city,
Want you to kiss me from the tip of my locks to way down between "Miss-Kitty"
Want you to let me return the favor, while you look below at the cars & buses driving by.....
Want you to clutch my shoulders as I look over to hear your roar blend in with the planes flying by…….

Alas the good girl in me wants you to wait
Whist the naughty girl wants you to ‘slam-this-m’aam’
The angel in me wants you to respect me as a lady
And my inner vixen doesn’t even give a damn..

So what I have for you sir is *poem*…
Nice, hot, tasty poem served up just for you to swallow.
I’d like to give you more, oh-so-much-more deep within my hollow.
But for now I give you my words, words I can say better TO you than for you to read
And I’m backing up all these promises soon with some swiftly-carried out deeds.

Now that I’m back on the block I’m getting in shape to take on this new & exciting caper….
This tall, glass of sexy.....that I’m longing to caress me,.... imagining to undress me…....can’t WAIT for him to sex me,……Want to savor, gotta’ fever for the flavor of “ Mister *Fly-The-Friendly-Skies* Skyscraper......
(singing) "Eight million stories out there in the naked city but I just wanna’ climb to your top…...........and I won’t stop"
(C) 2012