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The case of Nadya Suleman a.k.a "The Octo-Mom" and Angelina Jolie look-a-like (and in some ways,'act-a-like') is an interesting example of what's good and bad about modern technology...
Here you have a young woman that, for whatever crazy reasons of her own, wanted desperately to have an extremely large family (14 children)..sans husband or any type of help mate.. just solo.
....and the doctors through modern medicine made it so!
To many outraged viewers they see Nadya and her tribe dwelling like roaches on top of each other in her mother's three bedroom (and rumored to be in danger of foreclosure) home while the sympathy checks and television coverage come-a-rolling in regularly like food stamps; so many of us are struggling post-Bush administration so it's easy to understand why people wanna' hit her with a diaper bag full of rocks..or worse.
Well, one might argue that's HER choice as a woman to become pregnant as many times as she desires...(yeahhh, but....)
..or that we as taxpaying citizens are paying for her desires....(no doubt)
..or that she's obviously nuttier than a fruitcake, a few diapers short of a full bag....(no argument there.)
....or why did the medical community even let this happen in the first place...(can't even begin to wrap my head around that one.)
There are so many things that can be said about this freak-of the-week story that I wouldn't know where to begin.I will say that the fact that she could have 8 children at once as result of 21st century science is both wonderful and sadly puzzling. WHY HER?
I have married friends and associates with full hearts but barren or sterile 'nether regions' and they dream feverishly to be blessed with at least ONE child..and can't.
Then there's me, having eight let alone FOURTEEN children is my idea of a living hell...and to stay with my mom ...ON TOP OF ALL THAT??? (I just threw up in my mouth a lil' just thinkin' about it.)
I wish the 'octo-mom' luck, I will pray for her that all the equally nutty, self-righteous zealots who want to do her or her children harm will be stopped...that is just evil.
But I when I see the local "Bonequeshas" up at the Wal-Mart with all four or five of their little troop in tow, trying to pinch pennies together just to buy the basic essentials for their families..no generous philanthropists stepping in to help THEM , or sympathetic media and strangers making THEM the cause of the month..I am more than irritated about it all and secretly wish those kids( all 14 of them) make her nights of peaceful sleep a distant, distant memory!

My two cents worth....

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