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DON'T CHANGE MY VIEW!.... Is This The Final Line-Up ?

Okay, I'm gonna' say it and I'm not embarrassed to admit it: I LOVE "THE VIEW"! Despite more cast changes than "The Supremes" and "Destiny's Child"combined,I'm still semi-loyal , catching it when I can(which is less and less now-a-days.)
BUT CAN WE GET A CONSISTENT VIEW? Note to producer Bill 'bland as Melba toast' Getty and Babara Waa-Waa..please..stop killing off the cast!
Is this too much to ask?
You see I've been a fan since Meredith Vieira and Lisa Ling were both on the show( both also going on to bigger & better projects now,clearly), I never watched it when Debbie Matenopoulos was a regular co-anchor but after watching her on The "E" network's "Daily Ten"..I think she's right where she belongs talking about Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. Then there came the embarrassing, all out in the front dismissal of Star Jones in exchange for the highly celebrated courting and hiring of Rosie O'Donnell entering from the rear. ( insert your own lesbo joke here) Yeesh, that was pretty raw,nasty bit o' work there Babsy!
I admit I too, had grown sick of hearing the newly sucked& tucked version of Star go on and on, Ad nauseam about her wedding and her Fab-u-lous life amongst other celebs, her ex-gay husband, and her denial of weight loss surgery( we always knew Star) but she was a smart, accomplished and unapologetic about her sharp views on the issues. To fire her publicly the way ABC did after being an original host was just unnecessary; only to have to replace yet another vacated seat by the over-emotional Rosie who clearly needs her own Gay network to dominate on!
Which brings me to the 2009 line-up: Okay I LOVE Whoopie, I mean..I would totally do menial secretary stuff for her just to be around her, ya' know. I just don't think she's going to be there for the long haul. Whoopie Goldberg is in a small unique category of people who have the Oscar, Tony,Emmy and a Grammy..she's a MEGA star, a constellation of stars..anyway, she's going to get bored eventually with light weights like Elizabeth "Right wing Barbie" Hasselbeck and Sherry "Whaaat, the earth isn't flat?"Shepherd. Hopefully, no time soon though because I thoroughly enjoyed the daily brouhaha that would erupt during the election. Whenever so-so funny comedian and last original cast member, Joy Behar would throw out the 'bait',anything positive about (then senator) Obama..Elizabeth, as if being prodded by invisible puppet strings would jump in wildly,both guns cocked about McCain,Bush or frankly anything that took the spotlight off of Barack Obama... (siiigh) I miss those days! Better than WWF!
With the election behind us now and the daily scrutiny of president Obama getting really old..I just hope no one else is leaving..and if so, can they take Bill Getty, maybe he's the problem.....

My two cents worth..

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