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"Hey Bravo..... Bring Back My B@tches!"


"The Real Housewives of Atlanta", the hands-down best installment of The Bravo channel's "Real Housewives..." series has been off the air for roughly a year ;frankly after trying to suffer through the return of both the 'New York' and 'Orange County' shrews, I'm feenin' for my Southern Belles!
Bring 'em back..NOW!
A good friend of mine told me the latest housewives, the Jersey chicks are actually pretty interesting... sooo I guess I'll have to watch them until this upcoming Autumn when Lisa, Kim, NeNe and Sheree all return! (*siigh*)
This will also mark the debut of NEW housewife Kandi Burrus (succesful song writer and singer formerly of 90's R&B group 'Xscape") who is replacing the sweet but apparently snooze-worthy Deshawn Snow.( I'll miss you Shawnee, but the show MUST go on....) My prediction is that Head-Diva-In-Charge, the show-stopping NeNe Leakes is going to either hit it off with the multi-talented Ms. Burris and give us some sepia 'Thelma and Louise" flava' ... OR it's gonna' be on and poppin' between them like a hip-hop award show. Either way, I'm guessing 'Hot-lanta' is gonna' get a lot hotter...Oooh, I can't wait for the fireworks to begin!

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  1. It appears that Kim and Kandi are friendly now as they just threw a joint birthday party in Hotlanta. www.kimandkandi.com. I am on Team Nene all the way and can't wait to see her return on July 28th. Love your blog.


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