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White cop shoots black cop in New York 'friendly fire' tragedy

By Mail Foreign Service
An officer died last night in a horrifying case of mistaken identity. Now, New York police have launched a race investigation after Omar J Edwards, 25, died last night as he chased someone he found rummaging through his car.New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Edwards, who was a married father of two, had just gotten off work at about 10.30pm when he spotted a man going through his vehicle.

Now,I don't know what the local bureaucrats are going to do, BUT the local city folks will do the usual: They'll rally, protest, do loud,passionate interviews and vent to anyone who will listen, or not... for that matter. For REAL change to take place there will need to be a national outcry against 'Blue-on Black' crimes, outside and inside the force followed by action by congress!...and what the h@ll is 'friendly-fire'?
An oxymoron if I ever heard one, WTF?Police and witnesses watch as officers rush to the scene last night when a white office shot a black officer dead in a tragic case of mistaken identity

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  1. Well Urban Carrie Bradshaw . Hopefully NYC cops will start to question first ,then shoot later mentality. Unfortunately they have an history of gunning down blacks. The reports of police brutality is off the meter in NYC. What about the abuse that's not reported ? NYC is a tough concrete playground. The cops under former Mayor Guiliani and presiding Mayor Bloomberg have made NYC a safer place. I hope they stop making it open season on unarmed and racial profiling blacks



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