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"The New Frontier Of Star Trek"

First of all...I am not a Trekker.
....and definitely NOT a 'Trekk-ie'!
What's the difference you ask?.... Who really knows, but I define the latter as being: the original fan boys, devoted geeks who know ALL things pertaining to Star Trek! They range from grown men with productive, normal lives who grew up with a well-cultivated interest in Gene Roddenberry's iconic and much adored TV classic to men who never leave their mother's basement and own and wear at least one Starfleet, Klingon, or related uniform. Trekker's are about the same, just not as intense...BUT they do frequent those cons every year and do that Vulcan hand gesture( um, so I've heard)
No, I am someone who just likes Star Trek which is why it was such an unexpected joy that I would LOVE this most recent movie adaptation!
Star Trek
2009 is the kind of thrilling sci-fi film that should please even the most,die-hard, nit-picky fan ( you know the ones that debate everything from whether James T. Kirk, Jean Luc Picard or the other captains were the best captain ever to how many bathrooms are actually on the ' Enterprise' )
The kind of thoroughly entertaining flick that even a total newbie sitting in the theater wondering : "What's up with Kirk and the green chick?" can find exciting!(hell, even I picked up on that one)
It's exactly those subtle and not so subtle nuances and familiar phraseology like: "Damn, it Jim..I'm a doctor" or "Are you outta' your Vulcan mind?",a nod to the 60's fashion(call it super-duper retro!) of the original series that make this version so d@mn rockin'!
Yep, I don't think it would ruin the motion picture experience for anyone by saying that between the edge-of-your-seat-grabbing special effects, the clever alternate reality plot twist and most surprising, the heat between Uhura and Spock (I didn't see that one coming, but did she have to throw it at him?) Star Trek is a voyage that will leave you wanting to boldly go back where you've gone before again and again!
( Yeaaah, I know ..corny, but when else would I get to say it, huh?)

My Two Cents Worth......

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