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Remembering Micheal.......

July 3rd, 2009

It's around 5:00 in the late afternoon as my sweetie and I are seriously head-bopping our way down the highway to Atlanta,Georgia. It's the fourth of July weekend and our four hour drive seemed to just float by because we had the right road trip ingredients: good conversation, good snacks and good music..in this case 'Micheal Jackson's Greatest Hits' 2CD compilation. From "ABC" to "Remember The Time"
we were in THE ZONE, ya' hear me!
I looked over at my baby and there were times I wanted to pull our rented SUV over and have some,crazy,sexy,side-of-the-road-in-a-rented-car sex while Micheal sweetly crooned "Human Nature" and "She's Out My Life" in the background......
Okaaay, maybe not in the rented car, LOL!...but my point is
( yes,I do have one) Micheal Jackson's music could bring people together in the most magnificent and bizarre ways...he was and will always be THE BEST!
...No contest 'Elvis worshipers', lol!.
Baby boomers all the way to Generation Y  will most likely ask ourselves from now til' we are old and feeble: "What was YOUR favorite Micheal Jackson moment?". Would it be the performance on 'Motown 25th' when most of us first glimpsed 'The Moonwalk' and that glove, maybe it's The 'Thriller' video(who over 25 doesn't remember running home to see his-story in the making). There are so many from the man who seem to live his life in a never-ending spotlight that was truly "Off The Wall" but always giving us his best, the consummate performer...Micheal Joseph Jackson.
For some fortunate enough to have attended the "Victory" tour or seen our beloved "King of Pop" live on stage anywhere before his untimely death on June 25, 2009 ...his magic was tangible. If you're like me though and  never actually saw him live but devoured his videos, practiced his dance moves, collected and pasted his posters to your bedroom walls (or bought 'the jacket'..you know who you are)than he was still the best performer ..EVER; and the magic was no less real.


  1. okay..sex in the car..not my cup of tea since i m way to tall for that...but sex to a mj song? are you serious?..dont get me wrong i was a huge fan...but i never felt "that" way about his music..:-)

    ps: i had finally forgotten that awful colabo with eddie murphy..shivvers*

    my fav mj video of all times is was and will be "who is it"

  2. Hee-hee, to each his or her own. Music has that kinda' effect on me...and not always the typical 'Quiet Storm, slow-grooves' either!

  3. i can hear you..music has the same effect on me..but still..mj...in love me somegood sade for example...:-)


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