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"THE GATES OF DRAFT".... I'm Wondering Will The "Beer-Summit" REALLY Wash Away This Country's Color Line Division?

...Ain't it funny how we can all witness( visually,orally or theoretically) the same,exact event AND yet many of us will have a completely different point of view than others? This is not surprising given how unique our individual experiences as people are; in fact it's not a problem until someone asserts their POV as the definitive POV without acknowledgment or respect for another.
This is a clear example of how I feel many Americans are when it comes to race relations in our society.
Some folks see racism, some folks don't...some see dead people, but um, anywaaaaay.... ;-)
Regarding the arrest of Dr. Henry Louis Gates (acclaimed historian,author and Harvard professor)in his OWN home, many felt it was a waste of time and (the ever-popular complaint) 'tax-payer's money' for President Obama to call a meeting-of-the-minds over beers between himself,Dr. Gates and the arresting officer, James Crowley. Others thought it was an admirable and amicable attempt to both publicly address and ease rising tensions with what's been the big,blue elephant in Uncle Sam's backyard for years and years...RACISM. While I am not 'Pollyanna' enough to think that the so-called 'The Beer Summit' changed anyone's minds ( let alone Officer Crowley's)about what's considered racial profiling, I do think it was a step in the right direction and that no one will ever forget it! Yeah, I know I'm a week late on this topic but I had an eye-opening experience with some fellow bloggers that inspired me to write MY feelings on the matter. I think it was a good start BUT after corresponding with a few folks on Facebook about their views about the H.L.Gates arrest ;I am even more convinced that 'meetings' ALL over the country need to occur! 'Beer-Summits','Wine Summits', Soda Summits( for the kids)...and if you're like me, we can meet up @ 'Starbucks' and dish it out!

My Two Cent Worth.....
"Your Urban Carrie B"

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