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~Morning Mocha Moment~.... "Keep Your Head Down"

I was having dinner with this wonderful guy friend of mine( the REAL kind of friend, I don't do *booty-buddies-with-benefits*; we are either lovers or not) and I was telling him about some recent challenges I'd had been having in the 'romance department'.I whined that recently there had been a series of guys that were interested in me and I had been out with a few but was really into only one of them... BUT ( you knew one was coming) 'HE' was acting funny now that he knew I liked him back!                                                  I puppy-dog-eyed my friend into a response "Sooo WhaddaYaThink?" I was anxious to hear whatever "Y-chromosome dominant" nugget of wisdom he had for me.

He said simply "Keep Your Head Down."
"Huh?" I demanded clarity.
"Your focus should be on your career at this time, keep your head on your work,etc..on what matters. If  the right guy is looking for you--and WE LIKE to do the looking for women, not vice-versa---even with your head down---he'll see you."

Gotcha' Crunchie...thanx!


  1. i agree with your friend, but that ain't what tupac said! lol j/k

  2. I agree too. Not sure what prompts those weird retreats to boyhood *sigh*


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