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~Morning Mocha Moment~...: "Non-Factors"

Just a thought I had and wanted to share because I'm pretty sure I'm not by myself on this, lol!

Today I'm also debuting my "Morning Mocha Moments"; every day-rise over a cup-o-joe & while I get ready for the day; I'm gonna' write at around one hundred words or less about some of what's literally IN my mind at the moment ... AND at this moment I'm considering the audacity, arrogance and huge mistake that some people make thinking their friendship, their business, their brand of love, their social milieu ( fill in the blank with whatever else I missed ) is not irreplaceable! In truth often they are not even a ( how does Evelyn from "BasketBall Wives" say it??) "A non-mutha'-@*&%$#-ing factor!".,LOL!.....
Okay, nuthin' more to see here folks, move along....


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  1. I want to tell a LOT of people that! That's funny, keep up the good work lady!


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