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WEEK 3# "Blogger Challenge 2012":                                                                                                                                        ** Gotta' tell ya', I am really feeling the "Aha!-moment of clarity & empowermentover this list of "Do's" and "Don'ts" that I'm compiling of what I love and loathe about  'MEN'. <----(* insert your own "Can't live with 'em, can't _____whatever to them"-bumper-sticker phrase,here---------> *)
My gentle caveat lector  to you 'curious reader' is that while I don't intend to be bitter, I will be honest maybe even bitingly so. Now if you're a dude--and not in a metrosexual, almost *Will* of  'Will & Grace" kinda way' but like a (sarcasm approaching--->) real dude that's overdosing on machismo, superbowl stats and jock itch then there's no need to roll your eyes and sigh with the "D@mn, here THEY go again with the male-bashing!" thoughts---cuz' I'm not going there, I'm going somewhere else.

My 'What-I-LOVE-About Men' List  
( It's always best to start with the positive stuff 1st, then *POW*--Hit-Em-Up-Style*, ...giggle-giggle)

1. I love  men who are natural protectors.. You ain't gotta' be swinging a gladiator sword & shield or swooping-up distressed damsels outta' burning castles but when I witness men who stand up for ANYBODY: women, children, even weaker men, my eyes go all "ice-cream melty". This is something nobody can quite pull off like a real man-can. I emphasize 'real' because I've seen guys with the "hero complex" attempt to *protect the innocents* and it just comes of very self-serving and 'Captain Save-a-Ho'-ish.

2. I love men who are confident, even cocky but NOT arrogant    In case you are one of the ones reading who didn't get the 'memo';---confidence, cockiness and arrogance are not one and the same.
Confidence is of course believing in yourself that you can get 'er done, Cockiness or it's modern-day equivalent ''swag, swagga' or swagger" is believing in yourself  but with a lil' extra braggadocios flare to it.    I define cocky men as those who don't think they're better than others or 'hate' on others--they just know they shine and if you shine as well--cool--but they are gonna' still shine regardless. Arrogant men just KNOW they: shine-style-look-floss-fish-hunt-work-play-game-f#ck---rock better than anyone else and you and everyone else should bow-down! Now whether they can actually back-up why they deserve praise (usually they can't) is another matter. I dislike falsely confident men (or women) that try and make everyone around feel 'less-than'..not cool, period.

3. I love height in a man, i.e. TALL men:     Yes, I know that seems unfair to list and this can't be helped but it's MY list and I keeps-it-real: Tall men are sexy and there's something about a  man who can reach stuff I can't..or see stuff I can't....that makes me wanna' climb til' I reach the top....

4. I love men that are good to their mamas and love or at least like their family in general    
Now I do not like "mama's boys" and contrary to popular belief---they do NOT always make the best mates just cuz' they take care of mama----especially if mama ain't got a man, then noooooobody's happy! However, if a man can put his kids, wife, siblings on top and STILL balance out the demands of a job, friends, etc...It's wonderful. No one has to be up under their fam' 24/7 <----(Ugggh, that's what cook-outs & holidays are for) but put in time, blood is thicker than water.

5. I love men with a God Conciousness About Them 
We don't have to go to church every Sunday if I'm dating you--- but I do NEED to know that you don't worship at the temple of  "Your-ba-self". I love God & I show it, he needs to as well--whatever ya' wanna' call 'HIM', but DO call 'HIM'.

6. I love men who are men of conviction, men who are impeccable with their speech:
That's pretty self-explanatory: mean what you say,say what you mean and do what you say you're going to do--period.<---Or don't say it.

7. I love men who love to do 'Man-stuff':   Just like guys appreciate women being feminine and all that typically goes with my gender--I love the opposite!  To be clear I don't want to date or marry a caveman but I do like when a guy is cool, comfortable and even gets-off on the whole: 'screaming at the screen during any major fight or game--fixing stuff around the house--changing a tire--mowing the lawn--barbecuing on the grill ( without causing a towering inferno---please &thank you)--smacking or pinching his lady on her ass and then smiling like "Yeah, I did it!"----raking leaves',etc blah-blah-yackity-smackity---y'all get the gist--"Man-Stuff"! Even if some women do these things too--and many proudly and LOUDLY proclaim that they do---just like a man--Um, yeahhhhh--you-go-guy  *ahem* I meant girl---. Honestly that's admirable when a woman is completely self-sufficient but although I am no one's 'Scarlett O'Hara', I'm hardly 'Rosie O'Donell' either so I LOVE when a man does it for me or just cuz'.....

Heyyyy, "curious reader" are you still there? Good--GREAT----cuz' I'm almost done...

Okaaaay so that was my "Top 7" (or more like I need to wind this down cuz' I could go on for the length of the bible) Here's the rest of what I DO love, love, LOVE about the testosterone-dominant gender......
--------->I love men who can take a joke and tell a good one.....physically strong men and what that feels like on top.......men who shower their woman with attention ,when no one is looking AND when they are as well....men who communicate well; via phone, via in person, via body language---tell-me-show me....... I love men who love to laugh....men who are nice to children, and not just their own......men who smell good in a masculine way: woodsy colognes,  strong but sweet oils & scented lotions, ahhhh!......men who can PLAY a sport, not just watch them....men who have nice, tenor or baritone voices ( hot-d@mn! )......men who like to cuddle, kiss and show affection with their strong arms all around you, like a grizzly bear playing nice but you both know he could swipe you down like a fly if he wanted<---but would never!......men who tell the truth......men who tell you what's REALLY up and not what they think you want to hear....men who don't need female "FANS" constantly in their face or *female friends* who step waaay over their boundaries.....and last but not least men who will WORK; you ain't gotta' be Trump or Diddy--but you DO need to get and keep a job, "no romance without finance"! It's not a good-look on the cutest &flyest of  guys and I won't support any GROWN people in any way!

Well, for my "What I DON'T-Like-About-Dudes" list, I was gonna' pull a move like my girl "C.G" over @ http://www.curvygurlchronicles.com/  and basically say "Flip-What-I-Wrote" and you have my reasons for what I can't stand about some men----BUT I'll also add: men who are bullies, ...men who cheat just because they can,... men who manipulate  those who love them unconditionally....men who mistake kindness for weakness...men who prey on women with image issues.....men who lie for no good reason....men who scheme just for the fun of it...men who tear down rather than build up....men who can't get beyond their egos......men who make & won't raise the babies &won't marry the ladies ......men who hit,smack, punch, strangle, choke,kick,slap or emotionally beat down a women or child....and I'll stop there before I've written a 'Madea play',-helllurrr'...lol! ;-)

So there you have it "curious readers", THE LIST
Not as short & sweet as I originally planned but I guess I had a LOT to express, huh? 
 If you "feel me"...that's cool, grrrrreat ....and if you don't, the same applies !
"Two Tears in a Bucket",<------------riiight Miz. Brownhttp://villagecrier.blogspot.com/  ??? ;-)

Wow, that was so cathartic---such a release--whoooooosh! "Giving birth, Giving birth!"

Sincerely Yours,
Mz. Urban Carrie Bradshaw-


  1. loved it! but i knew i would! i think that for the most part, women like and dislike the same things about men. things may vary when you start talking about personal preferences, but i think that we mostly like the same things. i truly can relate to the "mama's boy" thing. i got caught up in that before, because older women, used to always say, "watch how a man cares for his mama". then didn't tell you about the flip side. like what to do if he treats his mama as if she were the wife. letting her run all ramshot through their relationship. i digress! lol enjoyed it Miz Carrie Baaaaaabay! and thanks for the shout out!

  2. Anytime sis, you know that!! I LOVED yours ( on point AND funny) , it set the tone and got everyone motivated---you are a GIFTED writer, if I didn't know before I know now....( now if we can just get a following like 'C.G', lol!) :-) Thanks for your input!

  3. Excellent points and you reminded me of a few I forgot about :-).

  4. Great points in what you like about a man. Even so the points about men that really aren't worth the skin they are printed on. Those guys make it hard for us men who are doing the right thing. Yeah and I'm glad you stopped before you wrote a Madea play! LOL

  5. Hey Lena! TamaRa "Cobra Lay-dee" checking in on your post. Love it! Especially the one about being the hero just for the sake of being called a hero. I don't want some of these men to get it twisted. Just because I am a single parent does not mean I need a hero. Believe me, if I need saving I know who to call on. Also, the one about loving mama without being a mama's boy. I believe that mama boys are the worst because even if they act like the scum of the earth towards a woman, their mother will find fault in everyone else except her son. Crazy, now, the one about being a protector, that's what I like. My preference has always been finding someone who knows their way around a fire arm. Not being crazy and slinging bullets around all willie-nillie but someone who is experienced and respects the way of the gun. There is nothing like the smell of gun smoke right after firing a couple of rounds off!!! Whew!! I think I need to bottle that up and sell it!!! Lena, ya done good gal. Keep it coming!


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