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Letting My Bucket Runneth Over...

   A while ago I created an ADULT ( yes, in exactly the way you're thinking) 'creatives-only' cyber chat-room and it's been a nice, little experiment: a lively,support group filled with a variety of intelligent ,artsy, funny,free-minded...FREAKS.. *ahem* I meant people! Sooo as a quick departure from our usual posts about crazy photographs from the internet, random links to YouTube songs and lotsa' "How do you like YOUR sex?" kinda' saucy,cyber-convo (which had become de riguer  more so than creative entries); I  challenged members to write a weekly blog about a topic of their choice OR from my weekly prompt.
Our most recent topic was writing your own "Bucket List".

This was last week...

It was now the END of the week and I STILL had not written mine..arrrrgh!! ( which is kinda' ratchett since I started this lil' project AND came up with our prompts----bad group-administrator--bad!) One of the members, a very talented, fledgling author and group-regular even called me out on it publicly...AND I had it coming too--sooo I took it like a woman, no excuses!  Okaaaay, maybe one lil', lame excuse about the CIAA basketball tourney and hanging out into early morning(<------*blog forthcoming*) ...but no cutting of slack and I knew one way or the other I would have to make time to do my list before Monday of next week or all my credibility as group-administrator was going out the proverbial window!

So without further adieu, I give you my "Bucket List" ( or 'The-Things-I-Should-Be-Doing-Now-OR--Have-Already-Done-But-Ain't-Got-Around-To-It- List)

1. Learn to swim...well:
Yes, I am one of those chicks who LOVES to bob around and even doggie paddle & float in a pool, the ocean, a lake..a jacuzzi even BUT if you ask me to race you by swimming from the kiddie section to anything above 5 feet-----notgonnadoit! I'll let my hair & face get totally soaked but that's it!

2. Learn to speak & understand fluent Spanish ...and NOT just Spanglish!
What can I tell ya', Spanish didn't appeal to my sense of romance like French did----so I took three years of  'La Francais' and now ask me how many time do I ever get to actually USE it with someone?? More than 2/3 of the country speaks Espanol, so I need to learn and El Fasto!

3. Live in Paris, France for at least three months!  
Gosh knows I've tried to get there, even auditioned for a reality TV show that was filming in Paris----lonnnnng story! As a teenager you couldn't tell me that Le French was not the sexiest love-language ever ; 'The City Of Lights"  is home to the: "Louvre", the "Eiffel Tower", the "Moulin Rouge",the "Champs Elysees"etc--how could I not want to know what it's like to live & hopefully love there at least once in my lifetime?!!)

4. Visit & stay a month or two in Johannesburg, South Africa.
While there I want to go to nearby Soweto and see where Nelson Mandela lived, was imprisoned for 27 years and eventually became president of all South Africa from '94-99'! His life is proof that you can turn a horrific situation around to the best! It's also a gorgeous city and I want the pleasure of staying in a four star hotel with 24 hour concierge and have White Afrikaans to serve me,<-----like it or not; to see what it's like for once to live in the majority..(outside of my time in college @ my HBCU, Winston-Salem State University).

5. Visit Tokyo, Brazil and Rome:
Pretty much the same reasons as above: they are all beautiful cities that everyone should visit at least once if they can!

6. Create-write-draw my own successful, animated cartoon series to appear 1st on YouTube and then by popular demand: have it appear regularly on live television!  
 If you know who I REALLY am, my reason is already known and yes, I'd be the 1st in history to do this!

7. Marry again someday...
..Once again, if you know who I REALLY am, you already know...

8. F#ck my man discreetly & incognito while attending a loud,crowded & HYPE concert while the band plays on    Need I say more? Mmmmmmm....

9. Receive & give head while attending that same loud,crowded & HYPE concert while the band plays on      .... again, need I say more? Need I say anything,lol!

10. Become a successful, published author of children's books and/ or graphic novels
 I'm sooo over the 'out-the-trunk' of the car thang',lol! I've been SELF-published for years and I've had my column or art published by quite a few magazines---I want the BIG-deal now, the whole enchilada: the agent, the big-time publisher's house, the speaking engagements, book signings, fancy restaurants & hotels...swag-babay!.

11. To have my 'college body' back OR even smaller.....  
Who wouldn't?

12. To meet President Barack Obama & 1st Lady Michelle Obama
For obvious reasons for most Dems and cuz' I ADORE THEM BOTH!

13. To become a better skier  
I actually learned to ski in my senior year of high-school with the "Explorers" social-networking club but I was so concerned with being cute that I spent more time hanging out in the warm & cozy lounge area where cute guys (who also couldn't ski) were hanging out. I DID eventually get out there on those snowy slopes and ski ; once you experience speeding down a mountain and occasionally air-born like that----there's no feeling in the world like it! I can't wait to go again and really learn this time!

14. Drive down to Florida the whole way, music crunked in my jeep without anyone else taking the wheel!
again, if you know me.....

15. Do more and give more to help find a cure to end Autism :  
'Nuff said.

16. Meet, serve a delicious dinner that I cooked and spend a luxurious weekend with Oprah, Diddy and Tyler Perry :  Okay, that one is a bit far-fetched but ANYTHING is possible----and if I have to just meet & hang out with only one of them---I'll take "O" for the win!

Well, there's my list! I am no longer a blogger-hypocrite and as far as I'm concerned I want as much time and as lonnnnnng as possible to cross my list off as cuz' I'm in no hurry!

Sincerely Yours,
Mz. Urban Carrie Bradshaw-♥


  1. Wow...now, this is a bucket list! ;-)

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  3. i agree! 2-5 and 7-10 i can surely relate too! so glad you decided to join me in my blogging journey! lol enjoyed the list, but i knew i would...

  4. Awwww, most-definitely! THANKS for calling me out,hee-hee! I needed that extra kick---I LOVED yours too as you know! I enjoy these! :-) StayWoke Nikki A.X. Brown,lol!!

  5. LOL! Thank-you "CG"; I've been inspired to cross some of the entries off--this was fun!

  6. The good thing is you can do it!!

  7. YUP...you are right! Thank you for reading! :-)


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